Call To Action.

A CTA to call a group of responders to assist in finding a missing person.

There are many reasons why people go missing.

They may just need some time on their own. They might have experienced a traumatic event, like a car crash or bereavement. They might also be suffering from dementia of some kind.

A team dedicated and trained to look for a person is always helpful, and in many cases more easily mobilised than the Police. When you feel the need to report a missing person, do so, but consider if the person is just seeking some respite or you are truly worried. Call the Police they will talk to you and make an assessment of the likelihood that the person is at risk. Follow their instructions.

The first hour is also vital.

When looking for a missing person the first hour is vital. Before that person has got too far away, and is less disoriented. This is where local teams can assist. By searching the immediate community.

Locate, Talk, Comfort.

There are many reasons why people go missing, almost all the time they return without harm. But friends and neighbours are often a good source of comfort when found, be prepared to talk and never admonish.

Train your searchers, ensure that they know what is expected of them. Make sure they are wearing the correct clothing and understand that they are not the Police and have no legal right to apprehend or stop someone who is making a concious decision.

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