Call To Action.

A CTA to warn and invite evacuation of a community in the case of a BLEVE incident.

Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion (BLEVE)

A BLEVE is a catastrophic event. It requires the evacuation of a large area.

A CTA for a community is vital.

Quick and effective evacuation using mass notification instigated by the emergency services can save lives and minimise risk to firefighters and other emergency services.

The Local Reslience CTA is triggered by either a local coordinator or the emergency services using a pre-configured code word sent to the system. It provides immediate large scale evacuation messages to everyone registered on the community system. Acknowledgement of the message enables emergency services to recognise when a building is clear.

Time is of the essence.

By sending a localised community warning more specific areas can be cleared more quickly than by using mast located mass notification. Testing is easier and warnings tailored to specific requirements.

Coding the CTA.

The CTA is triggered by direct message to the Local Resilience Network using a message formatted to the API(Application Programmers Interface), by local commanders working with Local Resilience Controllers or by phone message to a dedicated telephone point of contact. On trigger of the CTA text messages will be sent to people registered on the community database (and only those people). ITR (incident Team Responders) will be advised and they should react to assist elderly and infirm neighbours, telephone calls to residents on landlines will also be made, this method also captures response which can be passed to emergency services where buildings can be marked as clear.

Emergency shelter advice can be provided by working with neighbouring communities.

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