Call To Action.

A CTA to call for a First Aider

First Aid

First Aid is often required in a small community, sometimes this is vital and is used alongside Emergency Services and sometimes it is all that is required. Note:: There may not be any First Aiders in a community so this CTA should be used with caution.

A CTA for community First Aid is useful - in the event of serious injury, breathing difficulty or chest pain always call the emergency services first.

Having an IRT (Incident Response Team) that is trained in First Aid enables the rapid deployment of assistance to an incident. Having a community trained in bleed management is also considered

Time is of the essence.

The call for a first aider can be made either with the web interface or from the button found in the Protector Application. It is also possible to trigger using a telephone call if the caller is previously registered in the database.

Coding the CTA.

The First Aider CTA is a combination of various forms of trigger. The result is a message passed to an IRT comprising address where first aider is required, type of incident if recorded. All IRT members will be alerted.

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