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Who is Local Resilience

Central Government provides some resilience and emergency planning for incidents. But, that planning is often aimed at larger things. Government agencies are too busy to bother with the smaller things.

That's not to say these things are not important, they are. This is why we are here.

We are a commercial business.

Your community can subscribe to our services and protect itself, manage local resources and look after those that need support. It is a cost efficient way to comply with the Civil Contingencies Act, Martyn's Law(Protect Act) and Civil Responsibilities.

We link to the vital agencies and use their data to pinpoint exactly where climate related incidents are likely to happen. Our relationship with other business in risk management allow us access to high security applications, real-time climate and weather data. We can warn at the same granularity as the agencies, enabling you to do more to protect our communities.

Incident Management.
Local Intervention.
Reliable Care.
Mass Notification.

Selected features

We know what a community cares about.
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If you want Local Reslience to come and talk to your community then just ask. We can demonstrate what we do and how.

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