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Build your risk plans, develop the response and script them. It's easy, quick and efficient.

Local Resilience is a managed platform that gives communities all the tools they need to deal with incidents affecting their local area.

Scalable, Local Resilience is a cost-effective way to provide actual incident planning to councils of all sizes, from Parish to National. Designed for your community, Local Resilience is easy to use and very cost-effective. We are using technology to reduce mistakes and improve response leading to faster restoration of normality.
Coordinate Blue Light Services with volunteers and services in the easiest way.
Our national control room can link any "Call to Action" to community volunteer or emergency service team - Automatically.
By choosing our service and creating your Call to Action, any incident can be dealt with efficiently and effectively.
Local Resilience includes Minor/Mass Notification(MMN), Public/Private/Volunteer Responder Group Management, Actionable Scripting of Resilience Plans, Incident Mapping and Grading.

All in compliance with ISO 22320
"As our emergency services come under increasing strain, quick action from communities can make all the difference."
Coordinating a local response and warning can save lives and property. From flooding and bad weather warnings to searches for missing people and assignment of the delivery of defibrillators to someone in urgent need.
Your Local Resilience Webpage
We build your webpage, giving you the tools to manage your incidents.

Your community selects the Call to Action (CTA) you wish to use from our selector or ask us for a new one.

Operate Local Resilience from existing CCTV control rooms, giving more justification or remotely using volunteers.

What is a Call to Action?
A Call to Action (CTA) enables management of virtually any incident, giving your community secure mass MMN of critical events and timely warnings when needed, coordination of Responders and Local Volunteers, and two way feedback to emergency services.
Your community chooses those you wish to use.
Use the Protector Application on your Apple/Android device to provide protection.

Use the Responder Application on your Apple/Android device to respond to Incidents.

Local Resilience "its all about the CTA." Here are some examples.


Speeding Cars
Deal with them
Our number plate recognition cameras provide a CTA that enables you to detect speeding cars and discover repeating offenders with any features that allow the Police to target these drivers.
Accuracy guaranteed using laser pinpoint with automated sending. "The polite way to remind individual drivers of their obligations."
Flooding Risk
Nowhere is safe!
Groundwater (saturated ground), river and estuary, flash flood - our system can detect all and warn on an escalating basis.
Get those all-important barriers installed quickly and safely, homes protected, and vehicles moved.Now with rainfall, high winds and hot weather, support and advice.
Anti Social Behaviour
Horrible People
Link your existing and new CCTV to our centre and use our tools (Your Webpage) to enable the community to monitor their CCTV and buildings to provide controlled surveillance.
Use our standalone cameras in the fight against fly-tipping.
Use the new NPCC (National Police Chief's Council) rules to bring intruder alarm and CCTV management in-house, using savings for a community purpose.
999 wait times.
With 999 wait times extending, use our trauma kits, survival packs and our "call for Defibrillator" tool to get rapid assistance from local trained first aiders- after calling 111, or 999, of course.

Check the shop for details (coming soon).
Do you think your community could benefit from Local-Resilience? Contact your local councillors and get them to make contact.
Local-Resilience is a paid service, it isn't free, but it would be less than one incident poorly handled.
Give more reason to justify an expensive CCTV monitoring room by building Local-Resilience.

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